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European Orthopaedic Research Society 28. Annual Meeting-EORS 2020

    15 Eylül - 19 Eylül 2020
    İzmir, Türkiye
Dear Colleagues of Orthopedic Research,

We kindly invite you to the European Orthopaedic Research Society 28th Annual Meeting ( that will be in Izmir from September 15 to 19, 2020.

We have tailored distinguished scientific, cultural and social programs that we think are worth attending. Research is the driving force, which needs to be translated towards advanced orthopedic practice. Biomaterial, biomechanical and molecular science is flourishing though basics of trauma and joint replacement remain quite solid. Novel implant coatings decrease infections and improve implant integration. Meniscus and tendon engineering, regenerative and reconstructive approaches, cellular therapies new hydrogels that allow controlled release of medicine and/or active signaling molecules into organs and tissues are advancing. Computer technology is in its new era; we can now solve difficult problems using finite element analysis and rely on computational biomechanics. Tissue engineering is replacing most musculoskeletal tissues including peripheral nerves and skeletal muscles. Topics such as kinesiology, posture, motor control, motion analysis, orthotics, ergonomics, and wearable technology are advancing. We can now remotely monitor human activity through smart phones. Automated intelligence is assisting radiological and pathological diagnosis and robotic surgery is advancing with space technology. Our intention at the EORS2020 is to cover as much of these topics. Members of the Turkish Orthopedic Research Council that is allied to the Turkish Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology ( are experienced surgeons and our
ultimate aim is to translate cutting-edge research to orthopedic practice during EORS2020.

İzmir is the birthplace of Homer where he wrote his Iliad and Odysseus describing the Mediterranean of ancient times. Many things have changed but the odor of olive trees, the sound of the youngsters entertaining at the water front of Kordon and Alsancak districts, the crowd of merchants and shoppers in Kemeraltı street, the taste of Mediterranean cuisine, the turquoise beaches and the touch of the breeze remains the same.

The sign of medicine “Caduceus” first appeared in the ancient city of Ephesus, which is a UNESCO World Heritage, is 85 Km South West to İzmir. Rufus, an Ephesian physicist, was an expert in anatomy and mostly worked on the treatment of wounds. Another Ephesian doctor Soranos wrote works about hygiene and broken bones. Surgical tools of ancient medicine are now displayed in Selçuk Museum next to the Ephesus Antique City.

Bergama Asclepeion was another important medical treatment centre that became relatively popular during the Roman period with doctors like Galenus. Galenus became the physicist of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius and he was experienced in treating Gladiators. Gladiators were top-level athletes of their period and like today’s basketball players, their return to the arena was quite important. 100 Km North to İzmir, you can visit the Pergamum Asclepion and follow the footsteps of Galenus. If you follow the footsteps of Alexander the Great further North to Bergama than you will reach Ancient Troy City where Achilles injured his tendon.

Social programs include amazing food and drinks, a pleasing autumn sun, Turkish bath experience, excellent museums, Turkish coffee, Çay, friendly people and all beyond. As the local organizers of the EORS2020 İzmir Congress, we are proud hosting this distinguished organization. We kindly look forward meeting you from September 15 to 19, 2020 in İzmir.

Sincere regards,

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee