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6. European Symposium of Photopolymer Science-ESPS 2020

    06 Eylül - 09 Eylül 2020
    İstanbul, Türkiye
The European Symposium of Photopolymer Science (ESPS) is the largest biennial international symposium in Europe dedicated to all aspects of photopolymer science and technology. Since 2010 with the meetings in Mulhouse (2010), Torino (2012), Vienna (2014), Leipzig (2016) and Mulhouse (2018), the ESPS has developed a strong reputation for bringing together the latest photopolymer research from top international polymer scientists.

In 2020, the 6th ESPS will be hosted by Istanbul Technical University (ITU) for facilitating exchange and encouraging cooperation in the field of photopolymer science and technology. ITU was founded in 1773 as being one of the oldest university in Turkey and consists of over 13 faculties and ? departments in the area of science and engineering from diverse fields including photopolymer science.

The ESPS2020 will consists of leading invited speakers from all around the world and also a very large number of contributors active in the field of photopoymer science and technology.

Istanbul is the most populous city in Europe and has fantastic history, culture and beauty. Istanbul has been capital of three empires and confidently links Asia and Europe through Bosphorous.

We believe that all the participants can enjoy the beautiful and historical city as well as the scientific programs by attending ESPS2020.

We are all welcoming you and looking forward to seeing you in Istanbul.