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15. International Combustion Symposium-INCOS 2020

We invite you to present your research outputs on new technologies and developments, and discuss the future direction, strategies and priorities in the field of fuel and Combustion in Incos 2020 Conference.

Symposium Topics are Asphalt, Coke, Graphite, Oils and gases, Peat, Synthetic fuels (including Dimethyl ether (DME), Methanol etc), Biofuels, Tar sands, Bitumen, Coal,Natural gas, Oil shale, Petroleum, Tar and pitch, Woods and biomass, Hydrogen fuels,Hydrogen combustion,Hydrogen Combustion Technologies, Waste-derived fuels (WDF), Refuse-derived fuels (RDF) T

Presentations can be made oral or poster by simply sending us an extended abstract.

The organizing and scientific committee are composed of international experts in various disciplines of the area. The technical program will have several invited lectures by eminent specialists, paper and poster presentations from all over the world.

The scientific committee will select paper and poster presentations for publication in the Conference Proceedings after peer-review process. In addition, a set of papers will be selected by the scientific committee based on presented papers for post-conference publication in a special issue in FUEL and International Journal of Hydrogen Energy which are indexed at SCI and Web of Science. The others will be published in other journals which is indexed at TR.

During the symposium, social activites will be organized like Erciyes Mountain or Cappadocia Trip etc.. (These trips depend of participants quantity.)